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United Kingdom passport redesigns. Photos courtesy of HM Passport Office

This is what we were clicking on and talking about this week at #FathomHQ — before we were saddened and transfixed by the news that began streaming from Paris late Friday afternoon.

Every five years, the United Kingdom redesigns its passports to keep them secure. The visa pages of the new edition, titled Creative United Kingdom, celebrate British arts and culture throughout history, from William Shakespeare to Anish Kapoor. – Pavia, CEO

Everyone at #FathomHQ fell head over heels in love with Aspen the mountain pup. He’s the cutest. – Berit, editor

China just flew a 250-foot solar-powered airship to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Dirigibles beat jets in every category but speed — higher flight altitudes, larger payloads, lower fuel requirements. Sounds like they’d make a sweet option for budget travel. – Daniel, editorial assistant

Loving the latest additions to photographer Olivia Locher’s I Fought the Law project, where she highlights some of America’s weirdest and most nonsensical laws. I didn’t know it was illegal to paint sparrows and sell them as parakeets in Michigan. Now I want to know about the genius/idiot who inspired the law. – Becky, assistant editor

A few weeks ago, Berit and I spent a Sunday touring the Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Terminal at JFK, an historic landmark that will soon be converted into a hotel. It was amazing, but not nearly as amazing as a special private dinner at the terminal enjoyed by a 1970s TWA hostess and her 90-something. – Pavia

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