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Lend a helping hand. Photo courtesy of One Kid One World.

We spend a lot of time thinking about — and planning for — trip experiences that go beyond the standard beach vacation. How can we connect with locals? Contribute to the economy? Make new friends? Make some meaning for ourselves? And do so in a dignified manner — without exploiting the environment or the people in it?

The world of volunteer travel is a tricky one, but we’ve found a number of organizations that take great pains to evaluate needs, give assistance with respect, and utilize the traveler’s skills and resources to great, positive effect.

We searched, polled, interviewed, and collected anecotes from participants (incuding Fathom contributors) and organizers in the realm of health, food, environment, animal welfare, and education to assemble what we think are 24 great opportunities to do good wherever you go.

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Voluntourism 101: Tips for Giving Back

Find a balance between enjoying traveling and recognizing why you’re there. Respect cultural norms and figure out how you can best help the community. You’ll have an incredible experience.

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6 Good for You Gifts

These gifts will help cultivate a warm and fuzzy feeling, no matter where in the world you unwrap them.

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14 Photos of People Who Are Changing the World

We asked you to show us how you give back. We never imagined how inspiring the images would be.

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Giving Backing in the Maldives with Atoll Volunteers

I swam alongside a large hawksbill turtle for about a minute, until I ran out of air. We made eye contact with each other the entire time.

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Bridge the Gap Villages, Fiji

Bridge the Gap Villages has given us a way to channel our energy into creating the meaning in life we were seeking while giving back to the community that adopted us when we needed it most.

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Vorovoro: The Little Island That Could

We took a boat ride to Vorovoro Island, down a lazy river of mangroves and out towards Cakaulevu Reef. I fell in love with the island before I set foot on its shores.

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Keeping Haiti in Mind

A photo diary from a photographer’s ten-day trip to Port-au-Prince with the English in Mind Institute.

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How I Got Hooked on Haiti

Anybody who comes here is stepping out of the ordinary. They don’t come to enjoy air-conditioning, color TV, pools, and saunas. It’s to experience something that is very warm and very real.

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Local Alike Builds Community in Thailand

Assumptions turn out to be arbitrary fears. Human connection comes naturally when we all let our guard down and embrace differences.

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All Aboard the World’s Most Charitable Ship

A floating hospital sails the coast of Africa to provide free medical care to ill people in developing countries. Hop on board for a chat with a volunteer nurse.

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One Kid, One World, One Incredible Trip

Travel junkies. Out-of-the-box thinkers. Donors who want to see their money at work. This is the trip for you.

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Going Organic on the Mediterranean

For Liz Barratt-Brown, owner of historic Pedruxella Gran in Mallorca, Spain, the garden of Eden might just be her own olive grove.

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To the Horses of Humanity

The stillness of the lake on one side. The babbling, noisy, river of humanity on the other. It seems to represent the contrast that is India. A Relief Riders International volunteer shares her story.

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He Built a Farm in Paradise

Old life: Atlanta, nature, parks. New life: St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, farming, sustainability, giving back. Watch the new “Ex-Pats,” and wonder, “could I trade my life for one in paradise?”

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A Spark of Inspiration For Giving Back

Spark Ventures gives back to local communities in Nicaragua and Zambia.

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