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Japanese minimalism. Photo courtesy of Kampo Lounge.

What we were clicking on and talking about this week at #FathomHQ.

I spent New Years in Kyoto and couldn’t help but notice the number of lucky charm vendors at every shrine and temple. Why was everyone and their grandma waiting in line for these trinkets? And what’s the difference between the colorful cloth bag and the blessed memory card? Here’s the lowdown on omamori. – Daniel, editorial assistant

Designer and filmmaker Alex Cornell’s wonderful one-stop road-trip guide to Iceland has me dreaming of the Land of Fire and Ice, even in winter. – Becky, assistant editor

Another addition to my very long Japan wish list: Kampo Lounge is a new acupuncture and holistic medicine lounge with a futuristic minimalist vibe. – Berit, editor

Ixcanul is the critically acclaimed film by Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante about a 17-year-old Mayan girl living on the foot of an active volcano (watch the trailer here). It’s a rare glimpse of what life looks like for indigenous women in Central America. And an equally rare sound — of the Kaqchikel language. – Jeralyn, editorial director

New York’s old payphones are turning into free public WiFi hotspots. It’s exciting to read that the first two hubs are expected to launch mid-January in the East Village. – Daniel

This week, the New York Public Library added almost 200,000 items to their public domain collection, I lost a few hours scrolling through photos of Fifth Avenue in 1911 and mapping a trip using the Green Books. – Becky

For an expertly curated selection of travel souvenirs, head to accessory company Lizzie Fortunato, where sisters Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato are selling housewares and beauty products from their global adventures. – Berit


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The iconic everything bagel. Photo courtesy of Russ and Daughters.

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