A Voice Of Reason

In a city where too much of a good thing is never enough, the Cosmopolitan Resort stands out as the voice of reason.  Sin City Las Vegas is over the top in every way, yet thankfully, the Cosmopolitan, led by CEO John Unwin, has created a space that has become an oasis amongst the excess.

Glamorous. Artistic. Playful. There is nothing garish at this property. This is a beautifully curated experience unlike that of any other Las Vegas resort.  From the carefully selected décor and objet d’art filling the rooms to the cohesive collection of restaurants and bars, this property left me feeling positively giddy.

My suite on the 38th floor was both whimsical and futuristic.  Even the closet held surprises. The inside of the closet was decorated with capricious Fornasetti wallpaper and I loved the motion-sensor lighting.  The view from my bathtub, a Japanese-style, extra deep soaker tub faced a view straight out of Blade Runner, that of the Las Vegas Strip in all its glory and complete with digital advertising flashing on the buildings facing me. I expected Daryl Hannah, in airbrushed eye makeup, to appear at any minute or Harrison Ford sailing past in his car looking for replicants.  I loved the bath, but you almost need to be a contortionist to get out of it! It’s worth noting that this is one of the few hotels in Las Vegas with balconies.

The Surrounding Area

Two standout restaurants at the Cosmopolitan are Scarpetta and Rose.Rabbit.Lie.  At Scarpetta, the service is friendly and professional and it was here that I enjoyed the best fettuccine with veal ragu that I’ve eaten in a very long time. Also notable was the seasonal offering of roasted duck breast over a bed of finely diced vegetables.

Rose.Rabbit.Lie is billed as a modern supper club with dining, drinking and entertainment. I chose to drop by the lounge and quickly found a table near the small stage rather than book a table for dinner in the club. What I intended as a quick stop became an imaginative 3 hour spectacle, with a parade of talented performers and a top notch dining experience. I loved the lobster cocktail with its creamy finish and the rock shrimp agnolotti was loaded with perfectly cooked shrimp. Preferring a dessert on the less sweet side, I opted for the Mont Blanc, an inventive creation of pureed chestnut, caramel and Armagnac ice cream perfectly in keeping with the newest food trend of desserts leaning toward the savory side.

If you are a fan of packing light, be sure to stop by Rent the Runaway, a boutique shop located Level 2 that rents designer dresses and accessories. Make an appointment or just drop in and select yourself a beautiful outfit for day or evening. Prices are very reasonable and you don’t even need to dry clean your gown afterwards.  Just drop it off and let the helpful staff handle the rest.

The Verdict

The Cosmopolitan proved to be a resort that I was reluctant to leave, offering excellent value for the price.

(Just prior to the writing of this article, it was released that CEO John Unwin would be leaving the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas for an undisclosed venture at the end of 2014. Bill McBeath, former COO of Aria, is filling the top spot at the Cosmopolitan with Unwin remaining in a consulting capacity during the transition period.)