If you are in Lotte World for business, it is important to find good accommodations. Luckily, there are a number of hotels in the area that are 3 star hotels and above. Here is a list of places that you may wish to consider:

* Lotte Hotel World. Lotte Hotel World is a 4.6 star hotel located in the heart of Seoul, Korea. The hotel itself is located next to one of the best known department stores in the area. For that reason, business travelers and tourists like to stay at the hotel.

Lotte Hotel World is known for clean rooms and friendly staff.The price of a room is about $200 USD per night.

Olympic Parktel. This hotel is aptly named as it is located near the Olympic Park area. This four star hotel caters to business travelers although tourists are also welcome. Amenities include free parking on the premises as well as a business center. Other amenities include kitchenettes in the rooms.

The hotel is located close to a train station. This makes it a good choice for travelers that need to use public transportation.

* Park Hyatt Seoul. This hotel is a 5 star hotel located near to the business district of the city. The Park Hyatt is also located across from the COEX convention and exhibition center in Seoul.

Hotel amenities include a gym and fitness center, 4 restaurants and a ballroom or meeting area. This luxury hotel is listed as a 4.5 star hotel. Because of all of the amenities and location to the business district, the hotel rates are slightly more expensive than the other hotels. A night at this hotel will cost you about $300 USD.

If you are traveling to Seoul for business, you may want to consider one of the three hotels listed above. Not only are these hotels a good value for your money, but they are frequently used by business travelers.