The beautiful city of Scottsdale is located in the warm and wonderful state of Arizona. This city blends into the larger metropolis of Phoenix, making Scottsdale an excellent place to stay to enjoy the attractions of Phoenix while still maintaining enough distance for relaxation. Wondering the best hotel to stay at in Scottsdale? Read on >>

Four Seasons Troon North, best hotel to stay at in Scottsdale

Source: Four Seasons Resort Troon North, Scottsdale, AZ, one of our picks for best hotel to stay at in Scottsdale

Scottsdale plays host to a multitude of fantastic attractions. From historical sites, to cultural centers like museums and theaters, to the great shopping and dining areas, Scottsdale is a wonderful place to visit for a nice vacation or to explore while on business.

Scottsdale has fast become a popular spot for travelers, and it shows in the thriving businesses all throughout the city.

Best Hotel to Stay at in Scottsdale

There are several amazing hotels to stay at in Scottsdale, but three stand out above the rest.

Here is a quick overview of the top three hotels to stay at while in Scottsdale, and which one of the three would make the best stay.

First, the FireSky Resort and Spa by Kimpton is a great place to stay while in Scottsdale. The hotel itself has a lovely stylized look that creates the illusion of a tropical getaway. The pool area is clean and holds a beautiful ambiance, punctuated by the clear waters and the many fire pits surrounding it. The accommodations are also well-kept and the beds are extremely comfortable, which is a definite plus. There are, however, some drawbacks to staying at the FireSky Resort. The most glaring of these drawbacks is the fee charged for Wi-Fi. There is a ten dollar fee per night for Wi-Fi usage. In this modern day and age where wireless internet access is free practically anywhere you go, this hotel could stand to progress a bit more. Though not as bad a problem as it could be, the charge for Wi-Fi definitely does not put this at the top of the list for best hotels in Scottsdale. Other cons include a lack of continental breakfast and an absence of in-room amenities like a coffee maker. Positive amenities include the pool, an on-site bar, free parking and a fitness center.

Next we move on to the Westin Kierland Villas. One of the greatest aspects of staying at this hotel is its extremely close proximity to the many attractions that Scottsdale offers. The shopping district is within walking distance, as well as many wonderful restaurants and bars. The hotel is also situation in a very scenic area, giving most of the rooms amazing views. The staff at this hotel is also extremely friendly and knowledgeable and make guests feel immediately welcome with their great attitudes. There are a few aspects of this hotel that could stand some improvement. While the pricing of the hotel is affordable for what guests are getting, the food and drinks are quite overpriced. Many patrons of the hotel found the drinks themselves to be grossly overprice. The pool area is also kept clean, but not clean enough for the standards of some guests as birds and their droppings seem to be a recurring problem. Aside from that this hotel is a great stay, but still not the top stay.

Finally, for the top stay in Scottsdale, we have the amazing and luxurious Four Seasons Resort at Troon North. The most shining achievement of this hotel, as with all Four Seasons locations, is the impeccable service. Customer service is number one here, making every other aspect of the hotel fall into perfect place. From the top-notch amenities, to the spacious, clean and comfortable rooms, this is a great stay. You are guaranteed satisfaction by staying at this amazing hotel.