Caribbean travel destinations are a dream come true for any traveler. White sands and crystal clear waters beckon even the most stringent homebody.  Resorts, beachside hotels, motels and bayside clubs abound. Plan out your itinerary before you pick your housing arrangements to make sure you’re close to everything you want to do and see.

Lush gardens are a big draw to the Caribbean islands. The flora and fauna present here are incomparable to anywhere on Earth. If the gardens are something top on your list to experience, be sure to look into the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor. Anglers Restaurant is nearby and the resorts’ customer service is beyond reproach. Plus, if you’re the Captain of your own vessel you can rest easy with it anchored here.

Adventure travelers will love the Caribbeans. Hiking the lush countryside is a big draw for tourists and locals alike. Many hotels have trails through the gardens for guests to enjoy. Boating is another adventure attraction that takes on a new meaning on a Caribbean vacation.  The mangrove swamps make perfect scenery for boating upriver.

One of the most amazing attractions of all is the labyrinth of underground caves to explore. Learn about the bat colonies and check out the underground waterfalls. You can view the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

If you’re looking for something more like a spa experience check out Coco Palm in Jaimaca. They have a swimming pool, room service, nightly entertainment and a whole slew of fun options for entertainment. It is located in Negril and has over 100 rooms with balcony views and room service.

Anywhere you stay in the Caribbean islands is going to have myriad amenities for visitors of all ages. Research the area you’d like to stay in and you will soon find many, many interesting amenities to enjoy during your trip.

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