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The Langham hotel in London

The Langham Hotel, England’s first “grand hotel,” built in 1865, boasts the most haunted room in all of London and a host of ghosts, including:

    • A doctor who murdered his wife then killed himself while on their honeymoon. (Manifests as a silver-haired Victorian gentleman with cloak and cravat and, like all ghosts, has blank, staring eyes. Spotted in 1973 by BBC announcer James Alexander Gordon while he slumbered in Room 333. Only makes appearances in October.)
      A German prince who jumped out of a fourth-floor window. (Described by BBC announcer, the late Ray Moore, as “beefy, with cropped hair, sporting a military-style jacket that buttoned up to the neck.” Frequently observed in the early morning hours walking through doors. Rated most active ghost at the Langham, with a particular penchant for Room 333.)
    • A man with a gaping wound on his face. (Tends to stick to the hallways.)
    • Emperor Napoleon III, who lived at the Langham during his last days in exile. (Now prefers the basement.)
    • A ghost who has a thing for tipping guests out of bed while they’re sleeping. (Once shook the bed in Room 333 with such enthusiasm that the occupant fled the hotel in the middle of the night.)
    • A butler seen wandering the corridors in his holey socks.
    • A footman in pale blue livery and powdered wig. (Spotted by, you guessed it, BBC staff. Presence often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature.)

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