The Great Wall of China is not only one of the wonders of the world but it is still of the most appealing attractions in the world due to its architectural marvel and historical significance. Visiting the great wall will help you learn a considerable part of the Chinese culture and the mystery that lies behind the construction. While in a foreign country finding good accommodation is of utmost importance so if you are visiting the Great Wall of China and you want to stay a few nights near the wall, here are some hotels and inns that you may want to consider:

Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel

Located in the inner city of the Juyongguan pass, this 4 star hotel has both modern and traditional features and comfortable. For breakfast expect simple western food while you can have yummy Chinese food for dinner. Attractions nearby include the Juyongguan great wall. The hotel has a lobby bar, a kiosk and a courtyard view.

The Schoolhouse

Located by the Mutianyu Great Wall, the Schoolhouse was once an abandoned elementary school but was later refurbished to a cool and unique garden-like was rebuilt and restored for the purposes of tourism, glassmaking and great weekend getaways. There is a school house canteen where you can get fresh produce to make your own food. There is also food available on the canteen menu but it is focused on light Italian food. While at the schoolhouse you can visit their wonderful glass studio and art room.

Simatai Great Wall Hotel

This Chinese hotel that is made in the courtyard style is located under the Simatai great wall. It is superbly located by the mandarin duck lake and it is simple cozy and clean. Simple western food is served for breakfast and yummy Chinese for dinner. The Simatai great wall and the mandarin duck lake provide beautiful attractions nearby. The rooms are standard but clean and well equipped and there is a nice courtyard inside the hotel.

Jinshanling Hotel

Being the only hotel inside the Jinshanling great wall, it is not only convenient, but also very cozy and comfortable and catering for both the traditional and modern guests. Like the other hotels, there is the western food for breakfast and Chinese for dinner. You can choose to stay at a villa house, an independent house or a courtyard house with the villa type being the most luxurious.