Well your baby is all grown up or at least has decided to leave home to enter the world of dorms, sororities, all-nighters, and everything else that lies under the “college experience” banner. But before they start this new and excited stage of their lives, like other caring parents, you have decided to take your child to help them get settled. During this time you will most likely go overboard in purchasing posters, Tupperware that doubles as clothes drawers, ramen noodles and other “necessities” and supplies you think will provide comfort and sustainability to your baby. You will undoubtedly reminisce of the days this “adult” was in diapers and you will be in awe with the deception of time.

Here is what we recommend you do to help your precious offspring get off to the best start.

  • Stay calm – the move-in day at most schools can be very hectic but usually the school offers a system to make the process go as smoothly as possible – respect the system and get things moved in quickly.
  • Help with the small things – first time students like to feel they are in control because for most this is their first time on their own but they are just as anxious, scared and excited. Let them feel confident that they can tackle the world while offering tips on how to make things a little easier.
  • It’s ok to be mushy – sure your kid may be embarrassed a little, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a large moment in both your lives. Don’t be afraid to show emotions and use this last opportunity to show you care – it will go a long way.

As you make this trip to and from the school you will want to be as comfortable as possible, even if your mind won’t stop scrolling through all the dangers and adventures that await your child.  Make sure to book comfortable, affordable hotels along the way.  There will be enough stress on this trip – don’t add to it by staying in a crummy hotel.