If travel is your life's passion, there’s much to look forward to in 2016. Our fifth annual Go List highlights 25 incredible destinations, including exotic beaches, cities for culture vultures, natural wonders both near and far, major celebrations, and a lot more, as picked by our globe-trotting experts. Travelers will have access to an exceptional range of experiences in 2016. New flights are making once-remote locales accessible for the first time and trail-blazing travelers are sure to follow. Special events and anniversaries will draw visitors to all corners of the globe, although next year’s centennial of the National Parks Service is the best excuse to stay local and explore America. Meanwhile, many destinations are on the rise: Cuba, for one, is gearing up to welcome more tourists than ever before. And, for the first time, we’ve also selected a #1 destination for 2016—an exceptional place with something for every traveler (and no, we’re not going to give it away here). Read on for our complete list of the top 25 destinations to visit in 2016 and start planning your next adventure.