The elegance of serenity and the touch of royalty are the expectations of a tourist visiting a grand world-class hotel. Amidst, the myriad of hotels across the world, it’s difficult to select the best ones. There are several attributes like reception, service, hospitality, grandeur, tradition, etc., that make a hotel unique. Here is a list of the top three best hotels of the world, which are unmatched in hospitality and unprecedented in magnificence.
Crafted with the finest efficacy, Burj Al Arab, which is located at the shores of Dubai, is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels of the world. The edifice is breath taking, standing on an island which is artificially created. The luxury suites at Burj Al Arab are arranged over two floors, having living areas, whirlpool bathrooms and dining rooms. The smallest suit occupies 1800 sq ft of area while the largest ones take up 8400 sq ft. Its opulence has attracted famous international personalities across the world. The hotel has a splendid tennis court at its roof top.

The touch of royalty can be felt at Four Seasons George V Hotel, located at the heart of France in Paris. Defining the spirit of class and elegance, this hotel provides its guests with a royal reception. Immerse yourself into the comfort of saunas, steam roams, health clubs and music banquets. The decorations become a feast for the eye. Dining extravaganza can be an experience at Le Cinq and Le Galerie restaurants.  La Galerie showcases the beautiful tapestries and 19th century furniture and paintings. The menus at Le Cinq are drawn of French culinary techniques.
Adjoining the magnificent panorama of Mount Blanc, is located the most beautiful hotel in Geneva. Hotel President Wilson is well known across the globe for its exquisite suites. The entire hotel is designed with proficiency to provide an ostentatious elegance. Its royal penthouse suite is the world’s most costly hotel suite at $65,000 per night. Apart from lavish banquet halls and splendid swimming pools, it provides high-quality hair dressing services and fitness workouts.

A stay at any of these hotels shall leave you with a lifelong memory. What do you think is the best hotel in the world?