Whether you are traveling on your honeymoon or just taking a romantic getaway, the seven accommodations below are as romantic as it gets.  These hotels provide intimate settings each with unique romantic features and together they represent the top 7 most romantic getaways in the world.

1. Las Hayas Resort– Located in Ushuaia, Argentina, Las Hayas is situated under a glacier, providing a mountainous backdrop with a view of the Bahia del Canal Beagle. The grandiose exterior and the luxurious interior foster the guests intuition to hibernate in their rooms sharing the one-of-a-kind view with that special someone.

2. Argos in Cappadocia– Nestled among the natural wonders of Cappadocia, Turkey, this hotel features underground tunnels that connect the various hotel mansions.  The buildings themselves have absorbed the rich history and are waiting for couples to get lost in the history, the natural beauty, and each other.

3. Auberge du Soleli– The Auberge du Soleli is in the heart of Wine Country or Napa Valley.  The hotel has the look and feel of an intimate, luxurious tree house that overlooks the rolling vineyards. Auberge du Soleli is home to an acclaimed fine dining experience.  The food, the wine, the private terraces, and the swimming pool create an unforgettable romantic ambiance.

4. Canaves Oia Hotel– As with most hotels in Oia, Canaves Oil Hotel is positioned on a cliff overlooking the pristine water and Santorini Island. The gorgeous architecture and stunning surroundings set the stage for romantic walks through the town of Oia or along the coast.  The water below as well as the hotel’s pool provide for a bronzing vacation.

5. Tau Game Lodge Madikwe Game Reserve– The Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa offers the Tau Game Lodge, a luxury safari lodge, which neighbors a watering hole and allows the guests to observe 27 major species roaming the Reserve.  With the breeze flowing through your secluded lodge, you can cuddle close to your love and enjoy the thrilling environment that surrounds you.

6. La Villa Gallici– Near the city of Aix-en-Provence in France you will find The Villa Gallici.  The Villa Gallici provides an escape from the city scenery while keeping the city activities close.  The secluded, dimly-lit pool amidst the seven acre garden provides couples with the opportunity for a late night dip.

7. Ashford Castle– Complete with dungeons and towers, Ashford Castle provides couples with the chance to experience the luxury of kings and queens.  The Ashford Castle is located in lush Ireland where you can enjoy the scenery while on a romantic horseback ride.

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