The world is a wild and wonderful place. It is full of interesting and intriguing attractions, beautiful landscapes, and things that cannot be put into words. There are so many vast and varied cultures, peoples, and cities to take in. So many different types of food, of drink, of decoration. No matter where you are from, this world has something to offer you that you have not yet seen. Even the most experienced of veteran travelers can still be surprised by all that this planet has to offer. With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out the places that you definitely want to see in your lifetime. Life is short, this is something we are all well aware of. Despite all that can be taken in on this world, there are a few places that rise above the rest, and some hotels that should definitely be considered while one is still alive. Here are five hotels that should definitely be added to your bucket list.

First, in a city that may not come across as a huge tourist destination, is the Four Seasons in Istanbul. Located in Turkey, the city of Istanbul has gone through many changes over the decades. Once seen as a hub of the ancient world, when it was known as Constantinople, this city has a rich and layered history that is apparent in its architecture and in the people who inhabit it. Located on the Bosphorus Strait, this hotel is magnificent and considered one of the largest in all of Europe. The service at this luxury hotel is magnificent, and the views are equally as stunning. Travelers looking for something different, for an exotic place they may not have considered, should definitely head to this wonderful hotel and experience all that Istanbul has to offer.

Next we move to the Philippines, in the city of Boracay, where we will find Discovery Shores. This hotel is incredibly elegant, having over two miles of private beach available to guests. This beach, known far and wide as the “White Beach,” features incredibly soft sand that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Luxury amenities include a gorgeous infinity pool, an on-site bar with creative island drinks and a recreation area complete with a fully-equipped karaoke machine.

In Udaipur, India we find the Oberoi Udaivilas. This breathtaking hotel is build on Lake Pichola, constructed to mesh with the stunning landscapes of the area. The architecture of this hotel alone is worth the price of the room. Guests are treated to views of the lake, as well as a private zoo full of exotic animals and birds. Guests will feel like they are in a secluded paradise, even though they are barely three miles outside of the city limits.

Going “down under” we find the Southern Ocean Lodge. This hotel is located on Kangaroo Island in Australia. Featuring 21 open-air and roomy suites, this hotel boasts a modern design amidst the natural wonders of the island. This hotel is also on the forefront of sustainable energy practices, a model that will definitely be mimicked by other hotels in the near future. Fans of gorgeous scenery and secluded locations will adore this beautiful hotel.

Finally, in the United States of America, we find the Triple Creek Ranch. Located in Darby, Montana, this hotel is all about exceptional service. This is an adults-only hotel, meaning you will be able to relaxed with someone special without having to worry about your, or someone else’s, kids running amok and ruining your relaxation. A must stay for all wilderness lovers.