Rugged and wondrous Brittany is the surprise of France. More Celtic than French, this gem in the Northwest region of France borders on the English Channel and Bay of Biscay. The region is known for its extraordinary landscapes, craggy coastlines, and local cuisine.

Where to Stay

Try the Hotel Ambassadeurs in Saint Malo, the walled port city. We found the staff incredibly friendly and the view of the water from our room couldn’t be nicer. This hotel is a real find in the budget category.

In Locmariaquer, we loved the Hotel des Trois Fountaines for its personal service, comfortable lounge area and close proximity to nearby attractions such as the Megalithic site. The hotel is also happy to provide bicycles to its guests who wish to explore the area on wheels. Many rooms feature charming double doors leading on to a terrace.

What to Eat

Oyster lovers have the last word here. The coastal region on Southern Brittany is where the famous Belon oysters are found, along with other varieties. The particularly mineral rich water of the area is what gives these oysters their unique, and undeniably delicious, flavor. If you think you’ve tried a Belon before, you haven’t until you’ve sampled one (or a dozen!) from here.

Brittany is also known for some delicious cow’s milk cheeses, from Plancouetin, a mild tasting semi-firm cheese to Carre Breton, a lovely soft cheese.  Many sausages and cured meats are produced in Brittany, including the famous Guemene Andouille, made from chitterlings, the small intestine of pigs. It may sound odd, but it is undeniably delicious.

What to Do

Brittany is famous for many prehistoric sites with impressive stone structures.  If you are traveling with children be sure to visit the Ozegan trail and see if you can spot the famous Breton leprechauns.  This Monteneuf archaeological site and interactive trail features many hands-on activities and is a fun family day out.

Golf enthusiasts will love Brittany for its variety of golf courses.  Try the visually stunning and challenging course at Golf de la Bretesche with views of the turreted chateau throughout your game.  Time for only 9 holes? Try the course at Golf de Rennes Saint-Jacques, just outside of the city of Rennes.  This very friendly establishment is perfect for holiday makers wishing to practice their game. There is an 18-hole course and two 9-hole courses. Hackers can try the not-too-difficult Pitch and Putt.  Golf de Rennes Saint-Jacques is a short 25 minute drive from Rennes.