Located in the southwestern corner of the state, Bozeman, Montana is named for its founder. Bozeman is a relatively small city that draws people in because of its scenic surroundings.  It is near several mountain ranges, making it an ideal choice for those who are interested in outdoor activity. While on a trip to Bozeman, Montana, here are four activities for visitors to consider:

Golf-In all, there are five different golf courses located in Bozeman, all of which offer 18 holes of play. Beginners could consider the Riverside Country Club, which has a par of 72, while more advanced players might want to try Cottonwood Hills golf course, which has a par of 29.  Other courses to consider are Bridger Creek, Valley View, and Black Bull Run. Travelers who are staying at the Hampton Inn will find these courses easily accessible.

Hunting-There are plenty of opportunities for hunting in Bozeman. Everything from elk to waterfowl can be hunted during certain seasons of the year. There are plenty of wooded areas and wetlands that are ideal for hunters looking for prey. Hunting seasons are longer than average here, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to bag small or large game.

Hiking-Bozeman is surrounded by mountains and rolling foothills that provide an intricate trail system for hikers. Most of these trails are well maintained, so they are easy to navigate even for inexperienced hikers. Trails are available for people of all fitness levels.

Fishing-With countless bodies of water running throughout, Bozeman is an angler’s paradise. All types of fishing can be found here.  Several species of trout are abundant in these waters, as are bass and bluegill. Some local farm ponds may even contain carp, yellow perch, and suckers.

Bozeman, Montana is a beautiful town with lots of friendly people to welcome you. Whether you are here on a vacation or simply passing through on your way to another destination, taking in some of the outdoor activity that is offered can be an excellent way to experience Bozeman.