New York City is a great place for vacation anytime of year. Consider these 7 travel tips the next time you’re in the Big Apple.

1. Eschew the tours; pave your own road: There are so many travel resources available, maps on demand, and our smartphones, tablets, and laptops that you can build your own vacation with some pre-trip research on the World Wide Web.

2. See a Show: Broadway is arguably the theatre capital of the world; what better place to see a show? You don’t even have to go to a Broadway show; there are off and off-off Broadway shows as well as live comedy and other theatrical reviews to check out. TKTS in Times Square can get you same day rush-seats for a pretty hefty chunk off the ticket price for Broadway and some larger off-Broadway venues.

3. Dine: With so many amazing dining options in New York City, the table is really set for your visit to NYC. Consider Sammy’s Noodle Shop on Sixth Avenue for Chinese, Francesco’s Pizzeria on the Upper West Side for pizza, and Sardi’s in the theatre district for your pre-show fine dining.

4. Music: There are so many great venues to see live music in New York City, the choice is quite literally yours. To hear some of the best sounds you may even wish to head to an outer borough like Brooklyn or Queens. In Manhattan, the Lower East Side is home to many music venues.

5. Drink: Of course when you’re out and about in New York City its always fun to go grab some drinks. Head over to some of the more traditional watering holes like the Irish pubs you’ll find on any corner. Or head over to the discotheques in all the trendy Chelsea spots to drink and rave the night away.

6. Sleep: While the finer hotels like Marriott Marquis or the Plaza Hotel are certainly sights to behold you can really save a dime by heading off to lesser known destinations. If a hostel isn’t really your thing you can save a bundle by hanging ten on the trains out to places like the Holiday Inn in Long Island City. It’s close, it’s clean, and it’s a lot cheaper than your Manhattan alternatives.

7. Figure in Costs: Don’t get caught short; better to have too much money on hand then find yourself without the proper funding.


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