If you haven’t been to Boston, it’s time to check out this traditional American city. Located in the heart of New England, you’ll find some great American history, pastimes, and so much more.

Boston Harbor Hotel

When you visit Boston, make sure to choose the perfect hotel to suit all of your travel needs. For the luxurious experience, the Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf, with its historical location on the waterfront, is the perfect place to spend your trip. Even if you choose to stay elsewhere, be sure to make your way over to this landmark of a hotel for its restaurants, shops, and history.

Fenway Park

Home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is one of the biggest names, if not the number one name, in baseball parks and stadiums. With its rich history as the oldest operational baseball stadium in the United States and one of only two Jewel Box ballparks remaining, Fenway is the perfect spot for sports fans and history buffs alike.


“You want to go where everybody knows your name.

Made famous by the hit NBC TV series, Cheers,  Cheers Boston (with an original location and a replica location) are perfect for the entertainment and media guru. Complete with Cheers memorabilia and a themed menu, you’ll feel like home when you walk into Cheers.

The Freedom Trail

For the historical tour, you absolutely cannot miss The Freedom Trail. With 16 historical stops, connected by a red brick trail, you’ll get your fill of American History. From the Boston Common to the USS Constitution, with stops at the site of the Boston Massacre and the Bunker Hill Monument among others, this trail offers a fulfilling helping of history. Whether you walk it on your own or join a guided tour, make sure to put a few hours aside.

Boston Children’s Museum

For the family travelers with small children, check out the Boston Children’s Museum. With over 90 years of kid-friendly exhibits and events, this museum is the perfect place to take your family. Science, Art, History, and General Learning await you and your family at the Boston Children’s Museum.

When you visit Boston, there will be plenty for you to do and see, whether you’re traveling with the family, with friends, or on your own. So, plan on taking the time to see some of these amazing sites.

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