Plymouth, Massachusetts is the fertile ground in which the roots of this great nation took hold. Chock full of history, there’s much to see and do in this coastal enclave, from Plymouth Rock, where pilgrims first set foot in the New World, to the 1749 Courthouse Museum, spanning the history of Plymouth, from it’s first settlements to the 1800‘s.

Plymouth is as picturesque and quaint a New England town as any you’ll ever find. Visitors to “America’s Hometown” won’t be lacking for sights to see. Celebrated Yankee Hospitality is never in short supply.

Plymouth Rock

Begin your visit in the manner of the Pilgrims in 1620, at Plymouth Rock. More symbol than actual historic fact, the rock -or rather a portion of it-rests in a columned structure in Pilgrim Memorial State Park. Visitors line up to view the rock and are treated to entertaining history lessons by knowledgeable guides from the end of May through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Plimouth Plantation/ The Mayflower II

Tour Plimouth Plantation and step back in time. Children can try on Colonial-era clothes, play early Native American games, and learn about the first Thanksgiving.

In the 17th Century English Village visitors experience life as the Colonists did. Rare heritage examples of home-grown produce and livestock, period replica tools, furnishings and even townspeople, eager to tell their story, inhabit the village as in days of yore.

The Mayflower II is on display and open to tour in Plimouth Plantation. The original ship no longer exists, however the full-scale replica is just as awe-inspiring, especially when you imagine sharing the accommodations for the 10-week journey with 101 of your closest friends.

1749 Courthouse Museum

Recognized as the oldest municipal building still in use, 1749 Courthouse Museum stands where pilgrims used to congregate and this country’s earliest legislation was first enacted. Though the structure dates back to 1820, the museum pays homage to all historic significance in Plymouth, MA.

John Carver Inn

While visiting Plymouth, MA, keep the historic theme running and stay at the John Carver Inn. Named for the first governor of Plymouth (nee Plimouth), the Inn is a historic sight itself. Located just down from the Pilgrims’ Burial Hill, it stands on what was the original Pilgrim Village.

From suites to traditional hotel rooms, the John Carver Inn has much to offer. Amenities include an indoor Pilgrim-themed pool which will delight the kid in everyone.