Mexico is a country that is super alluring and attention-grabbing. It is the center of attraction to all the Hollywood celebrities and even the celebs of other entertainment industries of the world. People from all walks of life love to travel to the country since it is laced with the eye-candy locales, awesome historical sights, palm trees, white sand beaches, resorts and hotels (situated in the vacations’ spots).

The country also grabs the attention of the filmmakers. Many films have been created at the breath-taking spots found in Mexico.

Mexico is the best choice for your vacation whether you are planning to visit with friends, a spouse, your family or coming down for a business trip.  The country offers you the heart-warming spots, beaches, scrumptious cuisines, night clubs, colorful night life, best eateries, shopping spots, historical places, resorts and the best hotels.

While you enjoy your vacation, you also stumble upon the rich friendly Mexican culture, which is well known in the world. Although Mexico is filled with its interesting elements, there are 3 Great Vacation Destinations in Mexico, which should be visited:

Puerto Vallarta

It is called one of the best vacation spots in Mexico. There are white sand beaches here, which instantly take you away from the hustle and bustle of your every day activities. The delicious cuisine here is simply mouth-watering. You can also witness the traditional sights as well. Make your first stop Puerto Vallarta.


It was named the best destination for vacation in 2010. Come and enjoy this romantic spot that lets you enjoy the culture of traditional Mayans. For those of you who love nature and want to be at secluded beaches, Tulum is the best!


Cancun is the tourist’s eye candy spot for vacation. It contains sandy beaches, stupendous bars and if you are coming from the U.S, you should be able to get an inexpensive flight. Cancun is called the town for tourists.  If you are a spa lover and also want a luxurious stay then make sure to book the La Blanc Spa Resort that offers a great spa to relax your body and will make your vacation memorable and lavish.

Ready to take that vacation?  Find a budget hotel in Mexico today!