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Discounted Hotels and Star Ratings

Did you know that there is no internationally recognised rating system for hotels?  Even larger countries may have different systems for hotel classification in different regions. A 3 star hotel in Atlanta is certainly not the same level as a 3 star hotel in Delhi, India. Prices for even basic, normally affordable hotels can shoot up if there is an event or convention in town. Classy city business hotels may drop their prices to low, discounted price levels on weekends or in some months (such as in France) where the world of commerce slows in high summer.

All this means that you can’t rely on stars alone to tell the the standard and comfort of hotel accommodation. Further to that, hotel prices are determined by supply and demand. You may find a discounted hotel deal in a top class hotel on a rainy weekend in November. When the Superbowl is in town you may find that the usually affordable Travelodge costs you hundreds of dollars per night.

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