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Summer Hotel Prices in the Big Cities

Did you know that the best time to score a deal on those glizy city center hotels is in the summer months?

During the summer the expense account traveling types like stay home more. That means there are lots of downtown hotel rooms to fill. Oversupply of empty rooms means lower prices for the budget-seeking traveller. There are reports of midtown Manhattan 4 Stars rooms going for $120 of less. Generally such low prices are only seen down in the Wall Street area on weekends- not so tourist convenient. Another big city that sees expense accounts dry up in summer is Washington DC. Yes the politicians and lobbyists may have gone home but museums and monuments and other attractions are open for the tourists and you may be lucky to find a bargain rate at a luxury hotel.

For similar reasons state capitals are always a good bet for a bargain in summer months. SO if you want to take in the sights of smaller cities such as Albany, NY or Sacramento, CA or Austin, TX, the summer months may be the time to do it at bargain hotel rates

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