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Welcome to BudgetHotels.com! We are the top resource for locating discount hotels and cheap hotel room deals in major cities around the world. We aren’t into ‘cheap hotel’ rooms, but we know many like a deal. BudgetHotels.com helps business travelers and vacationers find even luxury four- and five-star hotels at the most affordable rates. We can also help you find affordable hotel rooms for two- and three- star hotels. With our convenient and easy hotel search, you can search over 800,000 great hotels and receive the best available price, guaranteed. Simply enter your travel details to find your bargain hotels today. Cheap hotels don’t have to be bad hotels!

If you are in the USA and you are passing through a strange town – maybe on a road trip and you want the absolute cheapest bed for the night then check out our selection of cheap hotels and motels. Just search the destination and date and sort by price. If you use your smart phone you have the option to “search near me”. You can do the same for European road trips, but you won’t find many “motels” -more likely family-run hotels and inns with great prices. Hotels Near Me from Budgethotels.com

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Deeply discounted hotels in favourite destinations around the world. “Cheap”, we say? Yes, we did. However at Budget Hotels, cheap hotels doesn’t always mean a one-star hotel with a view of the building next door. We search and list hostels, homestay, boutique hotels and other accommodations right up to ultra luxury 5 star+++ hotels at rates up to 80% off – the best prices on the Internet! Budget Hotels searches over one million hotels to find the best match to suit your budget and adventure. Sort your results by star rating, area, property type, guest rating, hotel features and theme.

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